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19-06-2024. Several activities of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Institute in Warsaw.

Updated: Jun 2

A conference dedicated to the first Lithuanian edition of the third Lithuanian Statute and distribution of J. Bardach awards. Lithuanian embassy in Warsaw. (In various languages)



16-04-2024, 15.00. The Third Lithuanian Statute and its importance. An event for secondary school teachers. (In Lithuanian)

CANCELED 28-03-2024, 18.30. A public discussion on litvinism.

Marginal radicals and provocateurs, with their inappropriate behavior and statements on Internet forums, alarmed the organizers of the discussion - the students' Academic Club of Political Scientists. Fearing violence and knowing that the Vytautas Magnus University cannot ensure the safety of the debate participants, the organizers canceled this event.

28-03-2024, 18.30. The Academic Club of Political Scientists (Vytautas Magnus University) invites you to the discussion "Different interpretations of Litvinism in Lithuania". Historians Rūstis Kamuntavičius and Tomas Baranauskas will participate in the discussion. During the discussion, two completely different positions on the issue of Litvinism will be heard. During the event, the aim will be to get to know the different interpretation positions of the theory of Litvinism and to compare them. In addition to all this, it will also be discussed how the history of the Grand Duchy is interpreted by Lithuanians and Belarusians, and the question of the identity of the rulers of the GDL will be discussed. Attention will also be paid to the possible threats to national security that the followers of Litvinism may pose in Lithuania. (in Lithuanian)

04-03-2024, 18.00. A public lecture on the President of France Georges Pompidou. A. Mickevičiaus g. 37, 213 aud., Kaunas. (in Lithuanian)

06-03-2024, A lecture dedicated to the March 11 (1990). The KTU Gymnasium, Kaunas. (in Lithuanian)

24-02-2024 at 18.00. Presentation of the first Lithuanian edition of the Third Lithuanian Statute. Vilnius Book Fair. (in Lithuanian)

27-01-2024, An Interview on Lithuanian and Belarusian relations. (in Polish)

January 2024, Series of lectures on the history of relations between Lithuania and Poland. Warsaw U. (in Russian)


14-12-2023, Paper on the topic "The role of culture in times of crisis", Forum of Lithuanian Museums. (in Lithuanian)

08-12-2023 Participation at a Belarusian morning broadcast "Обычное утро". (in Russian)

02-12-2023, A speech about St. Josaphat Kuntsevych in a public event "The year of St. Josaphat: a lecture and a concert", in Vilnius St. Casimir church. (in Lithuanian and in Ukrainian)

02-12-2023, A speech on the occasion of the 35 year anniversary of the Belarusian Society in Lithuania, Sodų str. 14, Vilnius.

15-10-2023, Discussion „Litva ar Lietuva" / Дыскусія "Літва ці Летува" PRADMOVA, Vilnius. (in Lithuanian and Russian/Belarusian)

Fall 2023 Several interviews on the Third Statute of Lithuania. (in Lithuanian)

DEC 13: Radio Broadcast "Istorijos perimetrai" at the National Lithuanian company.

28/30-09-2023, International conference "Pathways to Agonism"(Krasnogruda, Poland). (in English)

22/24–09–2023, The Eleventh International Congress of Belarusian Studies (Gdańsk, Poland).

13-09-2023, Podcast Homo cultus. The territory of a Historian. The best codification of law – The Third Lithuanian Statute. (in Lithuanian)

05-08-2023, Podcast "Uneasy History" (Няпростая гісторыя), a talk on "Why do Lithuanians call Belarus by the name of Gudija". (in Russian)

18-07-2023, LRT Radio. Interview on the Lithuanian translation of the Third Lithuanian Statute. (in Lithuanian)

10-07-2023, Warsaw University. Lecture on Historical Atlases in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. (in Polish)

21-05-2023, ABC (Australia) participation at a talk on "Belarus and Its Role in the War in Ukraine." (in English)

02-05-2023, Interview for the Radio Liberty (Belarusian chapter) on the common history of Belarus and Lithuania. (in Russian and Belarusian languages)

16–02–2023, 17.15–18.45. "Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus from the Lithuanian perspective". A Talk by Rustis Kamuntavicius. University of Bath (United Kingdom). Zoom connection available. (in English)


Activties of Rūstis Kamuntavičius through 2017–2022 [the archive]



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