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"FI WINDOW": Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportion

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Golden ratio, or the Divine proportion, is the division of a segment into two parts so that the ratio of the larger and smaller parts is equal to the ratio of the whole segment and the larger part. That ratio, also called Fi, is approximately 1.618. Converted into numbers, one section is 38.2% and the other is 61.8% of the total length. Dividing the shorter section into two parts according to the proportion of Fi, we get 23.6% (76.4%).

​This proportion is considered a standard of beauty and has been used since time immemorial. It is found in the Great Pyramid of Giza, in the most famous buildings of Ancient Greece, in Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings "Vetruvian Man" and "Mona Lisa," and also in modern architecture and art. One of the most famous architect of the 20th century Le Corbusier even created a system of proportions based on the number Fi. Basically, all the great architecture, sculpture, and art of Western civilization is created using the Divine Proportion.

How can the untrained eye see if, for example, the facade and windows of a building comply with the Golden Ratio? I created the "Fi window."

Let's take a look at the facade of Pažaislis church, created at the end of the 17th by the Lake Lugano shore architects. We can see that the horizontal decorative lines emphasized by the architect, which seem to have no function, as well as the lower border of the windows and other important elements are not anywhere, but ideally correspond to the most important proportions of Fi, and this makes the facade more attractive to the eye. The height and width ratio of the church facade also corresponds to the Divine proportion. To make sure of this, let's look at the facade through the "Fi window," whose height to width ratio is exactly 1.61803. We can see how the facade fits nicely into the window frame. Doors, some windows and other smaller elements also "frame" to this window.

The​"Fi window" can be purchased in my organized trips, or simply by contacting me via e-mail indicated at the bottom of this webpage.



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